My Projects

Marshall JTM45 Replica

During my senior year of college I built a replica of the 1962 Marshall JTM45 tube amplifier - what has been called one of the most desirable guitar amplifiers of all time. This was built from scratch using an electrical schematic.

RTLS system for VR applications

The goal of this project was to create a highly accurate, low latency real time location system. The system was designed to be an input device for VR applications. This was my capstone project in the ECE program at OSU and was completed as part of a group of 5.

CB350 Restoration

Through the summers of 2016-2017 I restored a 1970 Honda CB350 motorcycle. This project was funded by OSU as part of the STEP program. The bike was purchased in a completely dismantled, neglected state and was completely rebuilt and restored.

Alternative Energy Vehicle

During the second semester of my freshman year at OSU, I created a small, high efficiency, DC electric vehicle as a part of a small team. This was done as part of the FE program at OSU.

OSIAC Processor Microinstructions

This project was part of my Computer Architecture course at OSU. It involved indepth programming of microinstructions for a IAC processor.

Embedded Systems with TI Launchpad

This project was part of my Microcontrollers course at OSU. It involved the programming of a TI microcontroller, such that it would perform functions on a GPIO-connected component board.